Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO & Digital strategist


Jakob Löwenbrand is the creator and founder of Brightvision. Fast forward from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law he went on to work abroad for an IT company. Quite early he realized the challenges the companies faced when entering the fast evolving markets. Even when a brand has a great product and skilled employees there still is many times a great need for well organised outsourced sales and marketing efforts and here is where Brightvision started helping IT companies.

Jakob has seen the tech companies go from crazy years before the IT bubble to the furious battle of global competition. Traditional sales footwork done by strategic telemarketing is still a relevant tool but the new digital era also provides many interesting options for campaigns and continuous actions. By understanding the benefits of outsourcing some parts of sales & marketing execution and development may be a crucial part for a successful market entry and nurturing the status quo.

Now it is over fifteen years ago Brightvision started and this is not slowing down the solid CEO who loves cooking, cheers for Real Madrid and loves music played by horns. Today Brightvision has over 50 employees and looks forward to a bright future.